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ES.TERNI festival internazionale della creazione contemporanea

Es.Terni-international festival of contemporary creations

Demetra, Indisciplinarte and Compagnia del Pino collaborate with Terni city council and the National theatre of Umbria (Teatro Stabile dell'Umbria) to the first edition of es.terni, the International festival of contemporary creativity that will be held from the 20th to the 30th of september 2006.

The name es.terni takes shape from the fusion of Ex Siri (the oldest steel factory in town) with Terni, in order to fuse the city of steel with the Es, the existence, the urgency and the need to create. To evidence the chance for the city to become a contemporary centre for creative experiences. 

The first edition involves 23 artistic groups (national and international, emergent and consolidated) with shows, performances, installations and encounters that run for 10 days enlivening and populating the whole city. 

The festival tackles the topic of evoluted cultural districts and creativity from an artistic and social point of view.

Terni has been destroyed during the second world war and the focus around urban development has always been determinant for the expansion of creativity, for  the political debate and also for the emerging of social contrasts.

Terni, as every important industrial site is living the transformation of the post-industrial era and wants to rediscover its history entrusting it to contemporary practice.This city has a recent very rich history, funded on research and innovation. In the last years the urban development has seen, indeed, the city leading the way in cinematographic, television and multimedia industry. Today Terni's economy is based on a mix of modern and traditional industry with a population around 110.000 inhabitants and the city rebuilds now the places of its industrial past filling them up with contemporary significance.