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luna_gialla_piccolaThere’s a fire, a star which is a foot underground and three fingers under everyone’s skin, between the seeds that are going to bloom: maybe an animal, maybe a small man; certainly life. Everybody’s son, nobody’s property. If you listen carefully, if you listen inside you can hear it: it’s time to come to the sight, to fight with brand new weapons made of nothing, ‘cos the beginning of all things resides in the little, it resides in the powerful frailty of a seed, a bond, a loneliness. let yourself guide, let yourself enchant and you'll see it.

The costumers – two a time – are a fundamental part of this performance; they are the ones which make the action possible; the ones which generate life. They are the other side of an umbilical cord.

The breath and tears it gives us - same to everybody – hold us, it’s about us.

idea: Lucio Mattioli e Caterina Moroni
Caterina Moroni
: Emiliano Austeri e Antonio Germani
lucciole: Riccardo Belinci




I know there’s a very black part of me.
I thought peace, as darkness, is a long time sleep. My mind is a blank sheet.
And when they finally closed my eyes I saw / Black on white and blue. I saw black becoming coagulated dark red blood.
There’s a part of me so green you’ll never know. I cut my body; that’s the colour; that’s my unfolded sign.
If it seems very incomprehensible to you, then you’d perfectly understood.


performer: Francesca Michelini
Emiliano Austeri e Antonio Germani




A serie of “mini-performances” which happen at the same time. The costumer has free action. Outside and inside, the game of seduction. The mechanics of choosing and being chosen. The exclusive performer/costumer relationship. The one and unique action.
Guests are awaited to fill the emptiness of a rocking-chair, a bar, a picture frame, a pillow and the stairs.
Sensoirèe doesn’t begin and it doesn’t end: it holds, it happens, it can be independent. It doesn’t invade, it is discreet and usually light. It’s short and proud of being it.



Possible performers: Emiliano Austeri, Silvia Benocci, Alessandro Carlaccini, Sara Carità Morelli, Leonardo Delogu, Stefano Martellotti, Lucio Mattioli, Francesca Michelini, Caterina Moroni, Roberta Rossi, Simone Scibilia
director: Lucio Mattioli 


Produced by TSU 


Produced by TSU 

Before being an art, narration was a daily practice of the crepuscle. It was the time the members of a community, tired of the diurnal work, met themselves around a fire handing down real or invented stories. The nocturnal sky and myth were – and they still are – an inextinguishable source for every people: at every latitude they traced in the constellations the characters of myth and the archetypal symbols of the human being.
Working on this play we tried to explore and investigate those practices and archetypes; with our noses up we tried to discover step by step the traces of the human beings’ passage on earth.
As outsiders we discovered that if we look at the stars we see Time better than Space: the images which arrives to our eyes from stars are travelling since a long time (four years for Alpha Centauri - the closest to the earth - and centuries for other far stars). These different times are projected every night simultaneously in the sky, composing a temporal plans’ mosaic.
In this production we temporarily put off some aspects of our research to focalize our attention on narration, totally serving the stories. Holding to our essence of group and to the taste of work together, the narrations often take the form of coral story, and recover  archaic sonorities which give the flavour of a temporal suspension, in tribute to the sky.

with: Emiliano Austeri, Alessandro Carlaccini, Sara Carità Morelli, Stefano Martellotti, Lucio Mattioli, Francesca Michelini, Caterina Moroni,                                                
vocal patters:
Antonella Talamonti
Maria Chiara Carboni
dramaturg and director: Lucio Mattioli